Wednesday, September 08, 2010

a quick hello

I just got back into town last night from 4 days in nyc and I really want to spend a long time uploading photos and telling you all about our fun trip... but for some reason 24 hours in a day is not cutting it for me right now. I've sent up a little petition to the big man asking for a few more hours in the day so I can get all my stuff done, so I'll let you know what He says. In the meantime here are two quick photos from my phone to tide you over!

We took sweet little Annie with us and my mom came, too, to help us with the baby (and to experience NYC for the first time herself). We all had a total blast, of course, and Annie was wonderful! We loved getting to spend time with our friends, Jason and Samanthe, who acted as our tour guides/bed & breakfast/babysitters! We just adore them!
And as you can see here, Annie has tons more to tell you all about her big exciting trip... so stay tuned for more pics and stories coming soon!