Thursday, September 16, 2010

the big apple

Ok, here are our photos from our trip to NYC last weekend. And it may be shocking to hear... but I didn't take my camera with me! I knew I'd be carrying Annie in the sling and diaper bag and shopping bags, etc, and I just didn't want to worry lugging my camera around too. So these photos are from our phones (and a few pics Sam was nice enough to let me take with her camera).

Jamie and I in Times Square. My favorite spot in NYC (well, aside from the check out counter at H&M).

And the three of us in Central Park (thanks, Sam, for this photo!).

I was so thrilled that my mom was able to go with us this time. She has never been and it was fun to watch her experiencing new york city and all it's glorious madness.

Did I mention that Annie was amazing on the trip?! So crazy good. We drug that poor baby all over the city and she just smiled and cooed (and an occasional melt down) but really was awesome. What's sad is that the biggest fit she threw happened to be when Jason and Sam were babysitting her one evening! (And they are expecting their first baby... ha! Way to go, Annie.)

And I got to meet Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth...

Ok, no really that's just a cardboard cutout, but we did go see their show "Promises, Promises" and it was super good! My mom and I also saw "Jersey Boys" and it was outstanding. (But I love that music from the 60's anyways!) But, oh my goodness, my mother. Ok, you can't even hardly ask her about the show because she will burst into tears. She loved it so much. She managed to keep herself together until after intermission, but then when the show started up again... I heard a sound. And I thought 'what is that strange sound?'...oh my gosh, that is my mom! She was fighting back the sobs and I tried not to laugh at her. But, really, it was a super emotional show and she was raised in that era so I couldn't blame her.

Just a random shot of Annie chillin' on the streets of nyc. I have to say that the people of new york city love Annie. She got so many stares and comments ("look at that CUTE baby!") throughout the day that I kind of felt like I was with a celebrity after awhile.

Not real sure what my mom is doing in this photo... probably dreaming about Frankie Valli.

Jason and Sam... love them. They find out in a few days the gender of their little baby and we are so excited for them!

My mom, Annie and I left town on Tuesday but Jamie stayed the rest of the week to go to the tennis US Open. He texted me and said he was in heaven. The first day he sat for 8 hours straight and watched tennis. That makes me want to die. I'm glad he's so passionate about the sport, but my goodness... 8 hours?!

Some random shots from his phone that I don't know enough to tell you about.

He did have great seats for the matches and he got to see some tennis celebs play... Venus Williams, Roger Federer and a few more I can't remember their names!

8 hours?! For real.

Oh (pictures out of order...) here is Annie and me on the subway after a long day. She does so great in her sling! I'm so glad we have it.

And, actually, Sam MADE me a new sling. She just took a look at my other sling and viola- whipped me up a new sling. And I LOVE it! (Jamie picked out the fabric at Mood... thank you, Jamie.) It's so lightweight and the rings are a little wider so it feels more supported on my shoulder. Sam is amazing!

Here's a picture of Annie in her first taxi ride. (It was no problem to get our carseat in and out of the taxis. We were nervous about taking it, but it was easy.)

A photo of the nyc skyline from our cab...
My mom getting ready to eat her first new york city hot dog. (If she looks a little frazzeled it's because I had just drug her through the depths of China town doing some serious purse shopping... we almost didn't make it out alive, but that's a story for another time!)

It's always fun to buy some unique clothes in new york city, but these shoes were even a little too crazy for me!
And some random pictures of Annie I took on Jason and Sam's couch...
Annie telling Jason all the baby rules once he becomes a daddy...
And Sam getting some practice with the sling...
And a couple more tennis photos (Jamie talked Jason and Sam into going to a match with him).
Can't believe we are so blessed to have these two amazing friends in our life.
Here we are on the plane ride home. I was so glad to have my mom with me to help (since Jamie wasn't with me). Like I said, Annie did great, but by the end of this whirlwind trip I was starting to have my own meltdowns and was happy my mom was there to help me.
Annie slept on all the flights the entire trip. So proud of her!
And, my goodness, I was so glad to see Audrie again. I missed her badly! (A huge thank you to Donna for keeping Audrie all weekend in Green Forest!)
And Audrie loved the little boots I got her...
And she was happy to see her sissy again, too!
Ok, there it is! Our quick trip to the big apple. Annie's first vacation. I know she will remember it fondly!

 Thank you, again, Jason and Sam, for sharing your home and your city with us. Hope this little taste of having a baby in the city didn't scare you too badly. :)