Friday, September 17, 2010

family get-together

These pictures are over a month old but I really wanted to post them. My family got together last month to "test" out my parents new house (see if it would hold us all). For those of you who don't know- I have a really huge family (4 sisters and 7 brothers). So any time we get together it's a big event.
Audrie had fun playing with her cousins. I don't get to see my siblings enough so it was nice to get to spend some time with them, too.
Everyone had lots of stories to share.
And Audrie got to play with her uncles and a bunny...
My crazy brother Eric (I laughed at this picture of him holding a huge knife and my sweet baby...)
And he had to torment Audrie a little too. Gave me some nice flashbacks to my childhood.
Sweet picture of my dad and Annie...
All of us trying to pose for a photo and convince the little kids to sit still...
It was a fun afternoon with everyone and my parent's house passed the test. :)