Saturday, October 23, 2010

annie the supermodel

Our friend, Samanthe, is the fabulous seamstress who made my new sling for Annie. And she asked me to snap a few photos because she is thinking about trying to sell these ring slings she makes. (So if you are in the market for an amazing custom made ring sling you should email her!

Jamie took these photos of Annie in her sling and I thought she looked so cute I just had to share. (Annie adores being in a sling... Audrie liked it too but not as much as Annie. I honestly think this little girl would stay in there all day if I would let her!)

And, yes, thanks for noticing... I have almost lost all my pregnancy weight. :) Sorry to brag on here... but there were a few months where I really thought it was never going to come off, so I'm just excited to be fitting into my clothes again. I still have a couple pounds to go (I love to eat and have trouble making time to exercise), but I'm hoping that if I register to run a 5K it will help me get motivated again. Anyone want to join me?!