Wednesday, October 20, 2010

girls weekend 2010

Every October my mom organizes a girls weekend for all my sisters and each of our daughters. It's always so wonderful to get to spend some quality time with all of them and this past weekend we had a blast hanging out at my sister's house on the lake near Branson.
(I do have to comment on this photo above that Kim took though. Great photo of course. But I'm always telling people how I have my dad's dark brown curly hair and my sisters all have my mom's hair. And my brothers have my dad's hair also, but whenever I'm in a photo with just my sisters- I'm the one that looks like an orphan!)

 Audrie LOVED being down at the waterfront (even though it gave me a mild stroke every time she got near the edge of the bluff), but she was in awe of it all.
 Waving at the boats.
 And throwing tons of rocks down the side of the bluff and listening for the kerplunk of it hitting the water.
Annie was really sweet the whole weekend too and I adored getting to spend so much uninterrupted time snuggling with her (well, except 3am when she decided she was through with sleeping). But I do love my sweet baby girl!

Audrie was actually perfectly behaved the whole weekend, too. She had her cousins to chase after and lots of aunts to entertain, so she was in heaven.
She even got brave enough to swim in the water! (It was a randomly warm weekend so the water wasn't cold.) Thank you to Kim for taking the rest of these photos.
How amazing is this next photo?? (Maybe she is a country girl at heart?!)
But she's gotta have her little Ugg boots on though...
It was great to hang out with my sisters. They tried to teach me how to play Canasta, but my goodness it's a crazy game. I honestly never did figure it out.
I'm glad I had two little cuties to bring to "girls" weekend.
Jamie was heartbroken to have the house to himself and was forced to play video games into the wee hours at his friend Jim's house. Poor boy. :)