Tuesday, October 19, 2010

autumn art

This weekend my mom and I went to the War Eagle craft fair. I had an awesome time checking out all the cool crafts, hanging out with my mom, and feeling all "Fall"ish. We found a booth of amazing necklaces that really aren't necklaces, I'm not sure what you'd call them. I am in love with them though. The girl who makes them is local and has an etsy shop. You have to check it out!www.autumnart.etsy.com
Here is the one I bought at War Eagle (it's made from a vintage necktie). I wore it to work today and this photo doesn't do it justice, but it's a really fun "necklace". It was kind of strange when I was leaving for work because Jamie told me he "liked my tie".
 I found this one on her etsy shop that I really love too...
It seems more special since I was able to meet and talk with the girl, Autumn, who makes them. She was SUPER sweet and very passionate about her work. I'm so glad my mom and I stopped at her booth!