Sunday, October 03, 2010

art therapy

I had a rough couple of days this week and took some time off from work to recoup. So I spent a few hours on my favorite kind of therapy- attempting to be artistic.

My friend, Candace, got me inspired with some ideas so I started by spray painting some wooden picture frames.
Then I hand painted some polka dots on them (as you can see from my shirt I'm a big fan of polka dots).
I had two baby showers to go to this weekend so I did two blue ones for the baby boys and then the pink one for Annie's room.
Then I hand painted words on the frames. (I've always loved the nickname 'babycakes' and I saw this on a frame in my friend Jenny's nursery so I totally stole the idea.)
I didn't like the how the boys frames turned out as much but for my first attempt I guess I can't be too hard on myself.
I'll have to add these to my inventory of items for sell in my imaginary etsy shop!
I hot glued some ribbon on the one I made for Annie's room and hung it on her closet door.
I thought the colors matched perfectly.
I didn't clean my paints up soon enough and when Audrie got home from preschool she immediately wanted to paint, too.
She was pretty excited about her creation!
I hope that I pass some of my love for creative artsy things on to my girls. (Even if they are like me and just love to attempt creative projects no matter if they turn out great or not.) It's just fun playing anyways!
Now if I could just learn to sew...!