Tuesday, October 05, 2010

annie's first wagon ride

A few times a week we take a walk around our neighborhood after dinner. We put Audrie in the wagon and I usually carry Annie in the sling. But the other night I decided to put Annie in the wagon... in her Bumbo chair! She loved it and looked super cute sitting in that wagon with Audrie.
There was a little chill in the air so I had to wrap her up a bit...
 Audrie usually bails out about half way through our walks because she has to pick up every single stick in the street (don't worry...our neighborhood hardly has any traffic so it's safe for us to let her 'play in the road'...!)
 The leaves are starting to change too and it's really pretty right now.
 Good thing we buy her toys, right?! (I guess all she needs is a huge box of sticks for Christmas!)
 Annie liked her first ride in the wagon and getting to look all around the neighborhood (although she was getting pretty sleepy towards the end of the walk).
 Of course, little miss ball of energy, could walk for hours... hunting sticks...
 Soon it will be too cold for walks. Last winter was my first winter with a toddler (being stuck indoors too much) but I'm hoping for a mild winter this year so we can let the little tornado burn off some energy outdoors... but of course I still need a few SNOW DAYS, too. :)