Sunday, October 10, 2010

audrie's lullaby

When Audrie was a baby I made up a little lullaby that I used to sing her all the time. It's pretty simple but she likes it and, of course, sings it nonstop. (And I have a lullaby I made up just for Annie, too.)

Here are the words in case you want to sing along...
Oh Audrie, you are my baby.
I love you, my little girl.
Oh Audrie, you are so pretty.
I love you, my little girl.

Audrie's Lullaby from Rachel Cornett on Vimeo.

PS- when I picked Audrie up from preschool the other day they told me they love Wednesdays and Fridays because those are the days Audrie goes and her teacher said those days are now "musical days" because Audrie sings non-stop! They said that no matter what new lesson they are learning that day... Audrie makes up a song about it. Made me so proud!