Tuesday, October 12, 2010

dodson wedding

Ok I am waaaaay behind on blogging about my photography stuff lately so I'm about to dump a bunch of photos on here from past photo shoots. So brace yourself (or just skip over the next few posts!).

I actually did two weddings this summer. One as a second photographer for the fantabulous Kim and one all by my very self. I was a bit terrified to do an entire wedding by myself, but I decided it was now or never and I went for it. As it turns out, some of my best photos from that wedding were the detail shots (which is usually what I do for Kim) so I guess I need to work on getting my nose out of the close up shots and focus on the bigger picture. But here are a few of the gillion photos I took for that wedding I did on my own...

(I was proud that I actually captured the moment when the groom saw his bride for the first time and he was a little choked up by his emotions. I honestly almost cried with him!)
And the bride was crying too as she came down the aisle holding her mom's hand. It was super sweet.
It was tough to keep my emotions in control during the ceremony (and it didn't help that Annie was only a few weeks old so I was battling post partum hormones, too!). I'm surprised I didn't sob all over my camera lens.

It was a beautiful wedding and I tried my very best to capture it all on my camera. I definitely wouldn't turn down the opportunity to do another wedding myself, but I MUCH more prefer being the assistant photographer- less stress and you can sneak chocolate covered strawberries off the dessert table when no one is looking. :)