Tuesday, October 12, 2010

hobbs wedding

I always get so super excited when Kim calls to tell me that she needs me to help her with a wedding. This summer we went to the Bell Chapel in Fayetteville to shoot the Hobbs wedding. It was a gorgeous wedding and it was insanely hot outside, too. I don't have many photos to share from that wedding because I always give my camera card to Kim, but here are a few I have on file that I took that day...

This next photo is one of those "almost" photos. Right as the adorable flower girl was getting ready to walk down the aisle she turned and looked up at her Grandpa and they both smiled sweetly at each other. I clicked just at that moment... however the light pouring in the open door totally washed out my shot. But I ALMOST got it! :)

And I have to brag on my lame editing skills with this next photo, because Kim was kneeling down in the center of this aisle. But I erased her out of the photo... ooh aahh.

Also Kim has been letting me take a stab at putting together the layouts for the wedding photobooks that she gives the bride. Here is an example of one of the two page layouts I put together (you can click on the photo to see it up close). It takes awhile to get the books finished (they are each about 20 pages long) but it's really fun to work on!