Tuesday, October 26, 2010

youth in harmony

This past weekend we had our first concert of the year with the children's choir I direct on Monday nights (newly named the "Northwest Arkansas Youth Chorus). The kids did an awesome job! And even though it's always tough to put on our first concert with only about 6 rehearsals, we still managed to impress their parents. We're off to great start and now will begin working on our Christmas music... which I love! You can check out our website for our concert dates and event calendar for the year: http://www.nwachoir.com/.
It's always an interesting rehearsal night on Mondays because I go from teaching the younger choir (grades 2-6) and their wacky random stories... these are the kids that raise their hands in the middle of a song to tell me that their uncle gave them a pet frog for their birthday last year. And then after that rehearsal the teenage group (grades 6-12) comes in with their faces buried in their cell phones and I have to strike up conversations about Taylor Lautner or Glee (thankfully I'm fluent in both subjects... ha!).

They are a fun group of kiddos though. And I couldn't do it without Jamie's help (he does all the finances and business side of things... and lets me cry on his shoulder when it gets overwhelming). As worn out as I get sometimes from keeping this organization running... I try to think about how much I would have loved to been in a children's choir like this when I was a kid!