Tuesday, December 21, 2010

all the leaves are brown

 Jamie raked up a huge leaf pile the other day for Audrie to play in. She loved it!
 She ran and jumped in that pile for the longest time!
 Laughing and squealing the whole time.
 The pile was taller than her.
 So she got lost a few times!

Annie thought it all looked a little crazy!

 Yep, Annie is outside in her pajamas! :)
 Jamie had to help Audrie get unburied a few times.
 And he had to jump in of course!

 Audrie tried to explain to Annie the official procedure for jumping in a pile leaves.

 But apparently Annie didn't like that...
 So I grabbed Annie and jumped in the pile with Audrie!
 Both girls thought that was pretty fun!
 It was actually fun! Except I was digging leaves out of my pants the rest of the day.
 Here is Audrie begging Jamie to rake the pile back up for her. There is no hope of him ever saying no to his girls!
I love that it is December and we are still able to play outside!