Sunday, December 19, 2010

lucky number 7

Look who is seven months old!!

But apparently it's a very serious matter...
Sweet little girl!
I can't believe Annie is on the downhill slope to one year old now. This wonderful young lady is just growing up too fast!
Ha, I love how grumpy she looks in this next photo! (But still so dang cute... only a baby can make 3 chins look cute, right??)
Annie is crawling EVERYWHERE. We actually have to go find her most of the time. She is so fast. Usually she is under the Christmas tree or digging in a potted plant.
I'm afraid she might be transitioning towards one nap, but I'm still in denial about that. Too early! (But that seems to be Annie's theme so far.)
She pulls up to standing all the time now. In her crib and all over the house. Anything she can grab hold of she uses it to stand up.
I still like to think she looks more like me. :)
She has a doctor appt next week so we'll find out her stats. She seems a little chubbier to me, but we'll see. We sure do adore this amazing baby girl!