Friday, December 17, 2010

build-a-bear with camryn

 Last week our friends Trent & Candace came over for dinner with their adorable daughter Camryn (whom Audrie adores!). After dinner we took the girls to Build-a-Bear at the mall.
 Audrie had been there once before so she remembered the procedure and wasted no time building her cute pink bear she picked out.
 She decided to name it "Pinky Bear".
 Camryn picked out an owl that I think she ended up naming "Hootie".
 Camryn is always so happy and smiley! I don't know why I only managed to snap photos of her when she happened to not be smiling.
 Audrie really loves spending time with Camryn and gets super excited when we even mention that we are going to hang out with them!
 The girls are always holding hands when they walk. It's so cute! But I couldn't get a clear photo on my phone.
 Audrie loves her "Pinky Bear"!
Thanks, Cam Cam, for a fun evening! Audrie can't wait to see you again. :)