Friday, December 17, 2010

cornett christmas recital

Earlier this week we invited Jamie's mom and my parents to our house for a little Cornett family Christmas recital. :)

My mom comes to all my choir concerts but she mentioned that she missed hearing me sing and play piano, so I decided to have a little performance for them. Audrie started things off with a few of her favorite Christmas carols! She sang great and even gave us a little bow after every song.
Jamie played a few songs on his saxophone for us and it was wonderful! He doesn't get a chance to play very often so I was glad that Audrie got to see him play.
Our audience seemed to enjoy it!
I've been losing my voice all week but I tried my best to sing.

Annie didn't get to perform but she loved watching our little concert!
It was great to have my parents over. I'm glad they live close enough to spend time with our girls.
Here is a video clip of Audrie belting out Frosty the Snowman. (For some reason she seemed to think she needed to run in circles while she sang! I've never tried that technique, but it seemed to work for her.)

Cornett Christmas Recital 2010 from Jamie Cornett on Vimeo.