Friday, December 03, 2010

christmas came early

Jamie had been strongly hinting that he really wanted the newest gadget for his Xbox. It's called Kinect and it's the system that uses video sensors and voice recognition to create an avatar of yourself playing the games. You just stand in front of the tv, jump around playing the games, and it shows your character doing exactly what you do.
Of course I did the customary eye roll when he told me he wanted a new video game system, but we actually got it last weekend and it's super fun!!!! I totally love it and I am not a "gamer" in any sense of the word.
Audrie was wondering what all the excitement was about. But she can actually play some of the games, too. There are easier ones where you have to pop bubbles or a dodgeball type of game that she is really good at. Mostly she runs around flailing her arms, but she has a blast and thinks she is playing!
Plus it's something we can all have fun as a family doing. (Well, ok, not Annie, but she will soon!)

My former student, Cynthia, (who has become a family friend over the years) was hanging out with us the weekend that we got the Kinect and so she joined the fun.

Can't believe she is in high school already! She is such a sweet young lady and Audrie loves her.

My favorite is the Dance Central game. It teaches you step-by-step each move of a cool dance and then watches as you attempt to repeat it back. If you even slightly get out of step it will stop and tell you what part you did wrong and make you do it again until you get it right. Then by the end you do the entire dance and it's super fun!
The video game system also takes photos of you while you play and shows you the photos at the end of each stage you complete. They are hilarious photos! I am trying to find out if you can get those photos offline on Jamie's Xbox sign-in, but in the meantime these are just photos we took while we were playing.
It's funny, too, because the system doesn't recognize that Audrie is a little toddler, so it thinks her character is playing on her knees. I'm sure there is a way to fix that, but for now it's just hilarious to watch her avatar running around on her knees.

Anyways, we are all enjoying Jamie's early Christmas present! Maybe if he is good the next few weeks, Santa will still bring him some candy for his stocking. :)