Saturday, December 04, 2010

random photos

One of Audrie's favorite movies right now is Mary Poppins. (It's great to hear Audrie trying so hard to sing Supercalifragilistics!) In our entry way I have several photos of my parents and grandparents from when they were teenagers. Audrie thinks that this picture of my mom is Mary Poppins...!!

 I guess I see the similarity! (And my mom IS "pratically perfect in every way", right??)
Also in our bathroom I have photos of various people in our family when they were babies in the bathtub. I have this one of Jamie's mom and two of her brothers in a washtub. The photo is hard to see here but Donna as a toddler looks just like Audrie. It's crazy!
 Anyways, just wanted to share some random photos with you!