Wednesday, December 29, 2010

family photos by kim

 Earlier this month Kim did some family photos for us and she did an amazing job, of course!! This time I was extra impressed by her skills because it was super cold and windy outside, Annie was not her usual smiley self, and Audrie and I were both having a horrible hair day. But I don't know why I ever doubt that Kim would still be able to do her magic, no matter the challenges! She is amazing!

I usually post our family photos all over the world the moment she gives them to me. I decided this time I would practice a little restraint and wait until I mailed out our Christmas cards. So now I can finally post these photos she took for us. Thank you, Kim!!

 I decided to push Kim's patience to the test by bringing along a huge bouquet of balloons for the photo shoot! It was so windy that it didn't really work, but Kim still managed to get some wonderful shots. And Jamie and I got the laugh of our lives when all of sudden the balloons took flight and Kim went running wildly after them, leaped through the air, and caught the flyaway balloons! It was pretty hilarious. She definitely goes "above and beyond" as our photographer! ha!

 Now I just have to decide which one of these to make our new blog header...

Thank you again, Kim, for the priceless photos. I promise no more balloons in the future! :)