Sunday, January 02, 2011

happy new year

We decided to stay home for New Year's Eve and have a family friendly evening with some friends. Jim came over with Ben (poor Emily stayed home sick), but Audrie was so excited to see Ben! Here she is mapping out the plan for the night... ha!
Ben decided his plan was to be a fireman.
And a drummer.
Baby Annie was a little under the weather with the sniffles and snots, but she was a trooper.
For some reason Audrie and Ben thought getting in the the play pen was the most fun ever.
Audrie did talk Ben into having a nice little tea party with her though.

Cheers! Toasting the New Year's (at 6pm).
Nathan and Kim showed up with Jacob and Emma in time to join the tea party.
Jacob was sweet enough to play along!
Kim got to snuggle with Annie while we finished making dinner.
After dinner we played several fun hours of board games. (Jamie likes to tell me that Audrie gets her over dramatic side from me... but I'm not too sure about that sometimes...)

It really was fun playing games we hadn't gotten out in a long time.
Jim finally had to get Ben home to bed, but the rest of us (well not Audrie or Annie of course) actually stayed up until midnight. Thanks, everyone, for coming over for a wild night (ha!) ringing in 2011.
I can't believe it's another year gone by already! I wonder what 2011 has in store for us?
 I hope each of you have had a wonderful start to your year!