Wednesday, January 05, 2011

painting furniture

So I might have found a new addiction. Painting furniture! I've been wanting to do something with our dining table for LONG time and finally went for it.

BEFORE (I already took the chairs out when I remembered to snap a before photo):

My friend, Jaclyn, came over to help me (really I just needed someone to tell me it was ok to spray paint my furniture!). The basic process was: sanded everything down, washed it off, spray painted two coats, used sand paper again to "rough" up the look, wash again, and then two coats of clear coat.
Audrie 'helped' too of course.
Here is me finishing up late that night (this is what I look like after a few hours spray painting in an enclosed area! ha!).
It's hard to see in the big picture but we roughed up the paint to make it look distressed.
I love the turquoise paint!
It really makes my kitchen look so different. I really like how it turned out!

I already have a little mental list of what I want to paint next! Someone may have to stop me when it gets out of control. :)