Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the meaning behind her art

 Audrie still loves doing art projects all the time! I remember this time last year everyone was asking what Audrie wanted for her birthday and I told them all ART STUFF. We are still using up all the tons of wonderful art supplies she got. She loves it though!
 Today she spent some time drawing snowmen since there wasn't quite enough snow on the ground to build a real one.

 She's so proud of her drawings!
 Yesterday she drew a lovely portrait of our family of four. Mommy, Daddy, Audrie, and Baby Annie. (I love how she gets the characteristics so accurate... me with my curves, Jamie with his long legs, and Baby Annie crawling off the page!)
 But it startled me a little because after she drew the Four of Us... she kept adding more kids...!!
What is she trying to tell us??