Saturday, January 08, 2011

blog book

 Yay! Our latest blog book came in! I used this time and it was stupid easy. Basically I clicked 10 times on the website and in two weeks I got this 400 page book on my doorstep.
 I'm a little behind as this book is still called "The Three of Us". But they are expensive (for the amount of blogging I do) so I still need to get caught up.
 The books I print contain one year of blogging (Jan-Dec) and since I blog several times a week it's a pretty huge book. But I think they are so neat for our family to have for the rest of our lives.
 Sometimes I really am tempted to throw in the towel on all this blogging because I have so little spare time anymore. But I'm motivated by the fact that someday I'll have these books to look back through and remember these precious moments in our life.