Thursday, January 06, 2011


A couple weeks ago I took Audrie to see the new Disney movie, Tangled (the story of Rapunzel). It was SO good! Last year when Audrie was almost two, Jamie and I tried to take Audrie to see The Princess and the Frog, but she only lasted about 45 minutes. But this time she did GREAT. She sat with her HUGE tub of popcorn and kept her eyes glued on the movie. (Here is a really fuzzy photo from my phone.)
About half way through she crawled into my lap and finished the movie holding my hand (it was super sweet). She loved the movie, too, and now her favorite make-believe character to act out is Rapunzel. She likes to crawl into Annie's crib, get a long scarf, call out "Punzel, let down your hairs", and tosses her 'hair' over the side of the crib. Pretty funny to watch.

My nieces, Emily and Kara, were staying the night with me so they came to movie with us. Kim brought Jacob and Emma to meet us, too. It was a fun group for Audrie's first official movie theater experience!