Sunday, January 16, 2011

a wonderful mess

I remembered I had a few Audrie photos on my phone that I'd been wanting to share.

Can't believe she is turning 3 in a couple weeks!

I took Audrie to school with me one day a few weeks ago and she had a blast. I honestly could have left her in charge of my classes all day and no one would have noticed! She had those kids wrapped around her finger in about 30 seconds.
She sang all day with them and they joined her in a little coloring, too. "Miss Cornett" is a great teacher! My students are always bugging me about when I'm going to bring her back.
She is also a great big sister. Really, I am continually impressed with just how awesome she does with Annie. They both adore each other and have so much fun playing together.

I can leave them both playing in their rooms and they play together so wonderfully. I love that having two kids really seems to work better now because they can entertain each other so much!

Here Audrie is singing songs for Annie. It's the perfect match because Audrie loves to perform and Annie loves watching her!
And here is Audrie pulling Annie around the house in a laundry basket. She did this for about 30 minutes!
Annie thought it was pretty great!
Audrie still loves board games. I thought I'd get her started early on being my Scrabble buddy...
She is pretty wonderful.

Don't get me wrong... we still get plenty of this...
She has to practice her dramatic starring role at least once a day...

Oh Audrie. You are too much!

We love you.