Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my girly girls

So the fun thing about dressing two little girls is that you can totally mix and match all their clothes and come up with fun combinations of tights, skirts, leggings, shirts, jackets, etc. Except sometimes I don't know when I've crossed the line from cute layers into... circus clown!?
But I just try to go with my instinct and hope that at their age you can't go too wrong. Plus soon enough they won't let me pick out their clothes anymore so I have to live it up while I still can.
Poor Annie will always live in Audrie's hand-me-downs, but since I do buy Annie a few new things now and then she does have MORE clothes than Audrie if that helps even the score any??
It really is SO fun playing dress up with these two little dolls though!
Since Annie is walking so much now I usually have to take her shoes off her until she can get more comfortable walking with them. She has a pair of Robeez shoes (which I think are best for new walkers) but they don't match all her outfits so like any good girl she has to make some sacrifices... (learning to walk properly or looking cute??). I'm sure that kind of thought process will get me voted mother-of-the-year every time. :)
Who knows if God will bless us with any baby boys in our future, but in the meantime I am loving being a mommy to my two sweet girly girls!
(photo credit, Jamie)

"A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart." -Deanna Beisser