Wednesday, February 16, 2011

finally posting our snow pics

I have loved seeing everyones snow pics and am just now getting around to posting ours! These are from the first round of snow when we got just a few inches of snow.

And I didn't get Annie out in the snow this year at all. It was just too cold for her! But I did bring in a bowl of snow for her to play in. So this is the only picture of Annie and the snow (of course she ate it)...
On Saturday when Annie was taking her morning nap, we took Audrie out to go sledding.
She was excited to be out playing in the snow!
Jamie hung on to her tight as they headed off down the big hill.
But we didn't realize how much the powdery snow would fly up and hit you in the face. So Audrie HATED it!
Plus the long walk back up the hill was no fun either.
She was still happy to be out but just refused to do anymore sledding!
Jamie and I went a couple more times (it actually is a pretty steep scary hill).

Audrie cheered for us as we flew down the hill each time.
Cute little snow bunny!
And somehow Jamie convinced her to go sledding one more time with him! She was not happy about it, but still agreed.
Poor girl was pretty upset after that second face full of snow.
"NO more sledding, daddy!"
So we walked back to the house and had a snow ball fight. But this is how fast paced our snowball fight was: Jamie would make Audrie a snowball...
She would take a big bite out of it...
And then throw it at him!
Or me!
Our tree in the front yard had some cool looking buds on it that captured the snow in these little cups...
They looked like little snow cupcakes!
Audrie rolled around a bit longer before we went in. She really did like playing in the snow!

Here we are posing with Mr. Snowman...
(photo credit- our neighbor Gina)

We had fun in the snow... having no idea that we were about to get TONS more the next week!