Friday, February 18, 2011

9 month letter to Annie

Dear sweet baby Annie. We could gush on and on about how amazing you are! When you were just a few weeks old I made up a lullaby about our "Sweet Annie" and you are indeed living up to those words.
Sweet. Cuddly. Happy. So loving. So pretty!

9 months old and changing every day. We are still in shock that you are already walking. What is up with that, little girl?? But we forgive you because you are so stinkin' adorable. Even when you are ripping leaves off all the house plants and stuffing them into your mouth like candy.

Somehow you have this weird balance of being a really laid back baby who is very active. You like to be on the move, checking things out, scrambling after Audrie to see what trouble she can get you in to. But on the other hand you often will lay down, rest your head on us, and bat your eyes for some cuddling. You like to jump up and down waving your arms like crazy when you get excited. But you also like to bury your slobbery face into our neck with big wet baby kisses. It's going to be fun to see your personality coming out more and more over the next few months.

You do babble some made up words, but nothing official yet. You 'sing' along pretty loudly with Audrie and me, so that's a good sign!

You are getting great with your sippie cup and feeding yourself. You love sweet peas, blueberries, and carrots. You HATE cantaloupe and do this awesome fake puking sound when we try to feed it to you.

You clap your hands all the time. A natural cheerleader for everyone around you. You are a little partial to your mommy right now, but you stay strong and don't cry when we drop you off in the church nursery.

Trying to change your diaper is like a professional bull rider fighting to hang on for those 7 seconds. You do not like having your diaper changed and want to make sure we know that!

We love you so much. You brighten our lives! Audrie adores you. And you follow her around like a little groupie just dying to get attention from her. It's super cute to watch you two play together.

Happy 9 months old, Baby Annie! We are loving watching you grow and change all the time.