Saturday, February 19, 2011

the big snow

Here are my photos from the major snowstorm that hit last week. I knew I wanted to capture of few photos of this historic snowfall because who knows if we'll ever see this much snow again! The news said we got about 20-25 inches in our area. It was crazy!

Here is a photo our neighbor, Stuart, took of our house the morning that the snow was coming down.

 There was a beautiful frost on the trees when it finally stopped snowing.
 After the sun came out, and Annie was napping, Audrie and I went out to check it all out. (Jamie actually drove to work. Crazy boy! He had to be pretty desperate to not be snowed in with us girls. Too bad his office made him go home a few hours later. ha!)
 Audrie tried to walk in the snow but it was more like swimming!
 She kept losing a boot or a glove in the snow so we didn't stay out too long.
 But Audrie actually had a good time out there.
 I was kind of nervous that one of these huge icicles was going to snap off and do some damage.
 And remember the snowman we built? Here he is....!
 The snow on our back porch was amazing. I was wondering if there was a weight limit on our deck!
 Here is Audrie's playhouse buried in snow.
 Even the baby swing was loaded down.
 You can sort of see in this next photo how much snow our neighbors had to shovel in their driveway. I actually borrowed their snow shovel and shoveled our entire driveway and walkway, too! I had never done that before and it was kind of fun!
All the snow this winter has racked us up 10 missed days of school, so as of now we are going to school until June 13th. I really hope we don't get any more snow! I've never celebrated my birthday (June 18th) at school before and hopefully I won't have to this year.