Sunday, February 20, 2011

audrie birthday round two

 With all the snow the past couple weeks we had to postpone Audrie's birthday celebration with Jamie's side of the family. But finally last weekend we went to Green Forest to Donna's house. Audrie was excited! (And I'm sure very confused about when her birthday really is.)
She loves going to Grandma Cornett's house.

Annie was a little more unsure.
But after a few minutes playing shy in Grandma's lap she was ready to go.

Everyone wanted to see Annie walk and tried hard to get her to show off.

Larry even shook his keys at her, but she was being kind of particular about who she walked to.

She was a cutey though!
I'm sure Audrie was wondering why Annie was stealing the show. :)
But Audrie was excited everytime someone showed up with a present for her!
It's always fun to see how many people we can fit into Donna's house. :)
Cute little boy, Jess.
Jamie ordered a ton of pizza for everyone.
After lunch Audrie was ready to dig into her cake.
We ordered this cake from a bakery in Springdale, Shelby Lynn's, and it was cute and tasty. Chocolate cake with cookies-n-creme filling. Yum!
Audrie had a big crowd singing to her. It was so sweet of Jamie's family to all get together just for Audrie.
She is a pro at blowing out candles now. (Especially because whenever Audrie plays make believe it usually involves a birthday party for someone.)
Then she opened presents and got so many wonderful gifts from everyone.
Audrie loved each one she opened!
She got a cute little purse to keep the money from her birthday cards. And I have to tell you that when we got home Jamie gave Audrie ONE dollar to keep in her purse and the other $40 he made her put in her piggy bank- which he deposits in her savings account every couple months. He's such a finance major. :)
Donna got Audrie a Sit-n-Spin and it was lots of fun.
Dylan had to show Audrie how to get it going fast.
It was a fun afternoon in Green Forest!
Thank you to Jamie's family for helping make Audrie feel so special and loved!