Wednesday, February 09, 2011

random pics from our snow days last week

Since we are snowed in AGAIN this week, I thought I'd post a few random pics from my phone I took last week while we were stuck at home.
We did TONS of art projects!
We did get outside and build a tiny pathetic snowman (but Audrie loved it).
Jamie and Audrie made snow angels!
Oh, I didn't have a carrot for the snowman's face so we used a stick of string cheese. ha!
Jamie brought home a Princess tent for Audrie to play inside with. That was a lifesaver. She loves hanging out in there!
But eventually I had to give up and just let the girls trash the house.
Annie worked on her table manners.

And she rearranged my tupperware.

The girls 'fixed' my hair for me (this is a picture I texted Jamie after about the third day of being indoors with the girls!) Audrie told me she was going to do my hair "like Mulan"... whatever that means!
I finally just barricaded them in their rooms! ha!
And we slowly lost our minds... (Audrie has grapes shoved in her cheeks here.)
And the kitty just sat back and watched us all like we were crazy.

Can't wait to see how much FUN we have the rest of this week stuck at home... ;)