Thursday, February 10, 2011

audrie's birthday party

Last week we were afraid the snow was going to interfere with our plans for Audrie's birthday party, but thankfully we were able to have it.

In the past we had big birthday bashes for Audrie but we decided this year to just have a little party at our house with a couple of Audrie's friends. It was tough not inviting everyone we know and love, but we knew Audrie would be thrilled with any size birthday party we had for her.
Annie helped me with decorations...
I didn't do much but Audrie was still super excited when she woke up to see what I had done.
(I love the wrapping paper section at Hobby Lobby!)
I made some decorative pom poms out of tissue paper. (Here is a link to the directions I used.)
I also made a tissue paper bow for her chair.
Audrie was so excited to have her friends coming to help celebrate!
For her cake this year I made a huge number 3 with polka dots and her name written on it. I made the polka dots out of marshmallow fondant that my friend Melanie told me about. (Here is the recipe I used for the fondant.)
Jamie had to rescue me in the middle of the fondant making because I was up to my arms in a sugary pink sticky mess! But I was happy with how it turned out.
I ordered an adorable skirt for Audrie to wear to the party. A lady in Bella Vista makes these skirts and they are so puffy and cute!
I paired it with a pink turtle neck and some dainty accessories. I really wasn't sure if Audrie would wear all this (and keep it on), but she did and LOVED it!
She thought the skirt was "so cute, mommy!'.
And I thought she looked precious in it, too.
She had to twirl for awhile in it!
Then her guests started to arrive. Ben was first. Since we had all been snowed in for a couple days I was wondering how all the kiddos would do when they arrived. But everyone did great!
I had a little activity for the kids to do. They decorated tshirts with puff paint and tshirt markers. I wasn't sure if the younger kiddos could handle it, but it really went awesome and they had some cute shirts to take home.
Jacob made himself a sweet shirt.
I thought Audrie's turned out pretty cool, too, considering I just let her scribble all over it with the paints.
Poor Annie was getting sleepy, but managed to hang in there to party with us (and her pretty Aunt Kim).
And even managed a half smile with Candace.

We ordered pizza and when it arrived the kids dug in.
I think everyone was glad to have a reason to get out of the house after a few days of snow/ cabin fever.
My parents had a slow drive through the snow from Fayetteville, but I'm so glad they made it.
After pizza we got the cake ready so we could sing to Audrie. (Thank you to Kim for taking all these next photos for me!)
Audrie was excited!
Of course she sang along loudly with us!
Poor Annie looks so sleepy here, but she was happy in my sling.
Audrie made a wish...
and blew out her candles!
Jamie was nice enough to show Audrie how to peel the decorations off the cake.
I guess you're allowed to do that on your birthday.
Sweet girl!
We have been working with her on holding up three fingers for her age... she's almost got it!
Cutey Camryn was excited to eat some cake.
And Ben wasted no time digging in. (The cake was actually super tasty if I say so myself!)
Emma makes turquoise teeth look good!
Not sure what Jacob is doing here! :)
Another favorite pic that Kim took...
And I love this one, too, even though it doesn't look much like Audrie (cuz her huge mouth is closed, ha!).
After cake we helped Audrie open her presents.
She got some really wonderful gifts from everyone!
Annie helped us with clean up by eating the wrapping paper.
But there was lots to clean up after all the fun!
Audrie asked Jacob to "be her prince and dance with her". Jacob was sweet enough to oblige her!
Such a nice 'prince'!
After everyone left I put Annie to bed and when I came out I caught Jamie and Audrie finishing off the last of the birthday cake!
It was festive little celebration for Audrie's third birthday! I thought it was a fun way to say goodbye to the Terrible Twos...

We sure do love this little three year old an awful lot!!