Monday, March 07, 2011

good ol' sing-a-long

Jamie and Audrie had a little sing-a-long the other night at the piano.

 Audrie was trying to 'teach' Jamie how to sing the songs. When she would turn the page to a song he didn't know he tried to tell her that he didn't know that song. She kept saying "just open your mouth and do words, daddy". (I'm totally going to tell my choir kids that technique this week!)
 They made a pretty good duo with their singing act.
 Annie would stop by every few minutes to throw in a few notes, too.
 Won't be long until Annie is up there singing.
I don't know if there is room in this house for one more singing diva though. :)

Here is a little video clip of their lovely musical duet...

Untitled from Jamie Cornett on Vimeo.