Sunday, March 06, 2011

pajama party

Here are a couple photos from after bathtime tonight. I love this time of night because the girls smell so good from the bath, all lotioned up, in clean pajamas, and their hair smells like shampoo... and I know they are getting ready to go to bed! Whoo hoo. :)

 We had a little dance party tonight to get all their last wiggles out before bedtime.

And a puppet sing-a-long. (Annie always has a front row seat.)

 I LOVE the guilty looks on their faces here... (Annie knows she is not supposed to be touching the CD player and Audrie is not supposed to be grabbing Annie's hand.) Somebody's in trouble...

Here is Audrie's solution to the problem. Just move Annie. You can see how thrilled Annie is...
 Luckily Annie forgives and forgets easily. So she was ready to party again.

These girls are too much fun for me! :)

It's funny how some nights I can't wait to get them in bed because I'm so exhausted. But then after they've been asleep for awhile I miss them!