Saturday, March 05, 2011

two Andrews

 Earlier last month my bff from high school, Dawnica, asked me to take photos of her 3 month old little boy, Andrew. I got to do his newborn photos when he was one week old, but Dawnica was wanting some specific shots of him on a black backdrop, so I snapped a few for her. Andrew was so sweet and good for the camera!
 He looks so much like his daddy to me.

 Such a sweety!

And then last weekend a teacher from my school asked me to take photos of her 6 month old Andrew. And it most be something about that name... because this boy was just as laid back and sweet too!

 And his momma brought several fun hats and outfit changes for him! (Which is great because I sure don't know anything about accessorizing baby boys.)

Such cute little boys! I'm so thankful that after working with these cute babies I have my own slobbery little snuggler to come home to (Annie... not Jamie...!) ha.