Thursday, March 03, 2011

just a random update

Sorry I've been neglecting the blog lately! I have big plans this weekend to take some fun photos with the girls and get caught up on some overdue blogging. But in the meantime here is an eclectic update of what we've been up to lately!

This past Saturday morning I went to Mugs and Muffins at the FBC of Bentonville. I've heard about this event every year and finally had to attend this year because Angie Smith was the guest speaker! She has a blog that I follow and she's amazing for tons of reasons. Also, Kelly from kellyskornerblog was there, too, and since I also stalk her blog I wanted to go to see her in real live person. So my motives were starstruck but I ended up having my heart blessed by Angie's moving and emotional message. I'm SO glad I went!

Here is a photo I swiped off Kelly's blog of Kelly and Angie (but I feel better about swiping her photo since I'm linking you to her blog! ha).

Then Saturday night I had the most amazing girl's night ever! I met up with 14 of my gal pals at a spa in Bentonville where we were pampered, wined and dined. It was like the perfect slumber party! After over three hours of being spoiled we all went to Denny's (where I ordered "Pancake Puppies"... like Hush Puppies, but made from pancakes!!!). I hope we get to do this more often!

Someone did take a large group photo, but the only one I have is this one of Shannon, Mel, Kate and I.

Sunday after church Jamie played tennis so I took the girls to my mom's house for a sunny afternoon at Grandma's. Audrie LOVES my mom's playset outside. It was such a beautiful day!
Tuesday night I took a group of my choir students to see the Vienna Boys Choir at the Walton Arts Center. The performance was so inspiring! There were only 20 singers in the choir but they blew the rafters off that building. So awesome!

Check out these totally cute shoes I got for Annie the other day...!
Audrie is such a fun age right now. She says the craziest things and Jamie and I crack up all the time at her!
Here she is modeling her latest dress up clothes. The girl loves to play dress up!
She still does a great job with Annie.
I am really looking forward to this summer with Annie. She is getting more personality all the time and I can't wait to spend all day in the kiddie pool out the sunshine with my girls. I bet Annie's hair will turn pale blond this summer.
Annie is also getting more teeth and there is NOTHING she won't chew on.
She still does great walking, but since we are outside more she is learning to walk on grass and more uneven surfaces. I kind of like her depending on me a little now. :)

We've had some fun playdates with friends lately. Audrie got to take a bubble bath with Ben the other night! She adores this boy.
And Cole invited a group of his friends over to break in his new play set. We all had a blast!

Ok, so that's the random update of our days lately. Hope each of you are having a wonderful week!