Tuesday, March 15, 2011

pretending to be young

Jamie's birthday was this past weekend, so we got together with a group of friends to celebrate. We thought it would be fun to go out on Dickson street and pretend to be young! :)
We started off at the Powerhouse Grill and stuffed ourselves full of seafood and Kilowatts.
Then headed over to Common Grounds for cake and drinks. 
Here is a blurry photo of Jamie blowing out his candle.
32 years old... and still so good looking. :)
(photo credit- Angela!)
A few hours later we headed over to George's to listen to a band called Boom Kinetic. They were good, but it was waaaay past our bedtime so we didn't stay too long.
We had a great time celebrating Jamie's birthday! Thanks to everyone who joined us in our attempts to keep up with the youngsters. (And thank you to our moms for babysitting the girls!)
(photo credit- Angela)
Happy Birthday, Jamie!