Thursday, March 17, 2011

annie 10 months

 Tomorrow Annie will be ten months old!
 In honor of the occassion I had a quick photo shoot with her yesterday afternoon. (And I'm going to go ahead and apologize to my mom because I STILL haven't fixed the hem on Annie's bedskirt...!)
 I have to warn you that for about a month now Annie has had her tongue sticking out! Seems like as soon as she got her first tooth... out came the tongue and she hasn't put it back in since. And the happier she is- the faster her tongue wags! :)

 I LOVE her sweetness in this next photo!
 Annie has a thing for pillows. Whenever she sees one in the floor she dives for it!

 Her personality is blossoming every day! This past weekend Audrie went home with Donna so Annie had the house to herself and the only time she quit babbling was when she was sleeping. "Talked" non-stop!
 She is one happy kid!

 You can see her lone top tooth here. (She has two on bottom and getting a second one on top now.)
 The best part of the photo shoot was when she was rolling around in the floor and got her head stuck under her crib.
 That's our brillant baby girl, right there! :)
 We love her sooooooo much!
Happy 10 months, Annie Bannannie!