Sunday, March 27, 2011

staycation part 1

Since we didn't go anywhere for Spring Break this year, I decided to plan a couple activities for a little 'stay-cation'.

The first activity of the week was taking Audrie bowling for the first time.

 I loved that they had little toddler bowling shoes for her!
 We met our friends, Trent and Candace, there with their sweet little girl Camryn.
 Not sure why Trent has an evil look while holding Annie!
 Audrie picked out a bowling ball and as you can imagine... she chose pink!
 No bowling shoes for Annie, but she still looked cute.
 The girls had alligator ramps to help them bowl. They loved it!
 I think the thing they loved the most was giving high fives after every try.

 I had my lowest score ever in bowling, but I have to blame it on the fact that I was bowling with Annie in my sling!
 The girls had a great time running around, too.

 It was a little past Annie's bedtime but she hung in there.
 Camryn is always so well behaved! She's a good influence on Audrie. :)
 I'm not sure if it was the dizzy-ing carpet or if she had too many bottles, but we had to cut Annie off after awhile... :)
Anyways, I give bowling with toddlers TWO thumbs up. We'll definitely do it again. Audrie LOVED it and we all had a good time!