Tuesday, March 29, 2011

staycation part two

As part of our stay-cation fun I planned to take Audrie putt-putt golfing. It just so happened that Jacob and Emma were staying the night with us, so Jamie stayed home with Annie (who was battling a cold) and I took the kiddos to a new mini-golf place next to Fastlanes.
Audrie thought it was pretty great!
Jacob and Emma were really good at the game, too!

After about three holes, Audrie figured out that if she moved "a little closer" she would do better...! So every hole after that, she just walked right up to the hole, set her ball down, and hit it in! I can't argue with that strategy.

She was so proud of her "hole in one" on every round!

The kids were fascinated with the water works.
Audrie couldn't figure out why it was SO blue.
They all had to retrieve a few stray hits every now and then.
At first it was accidentally hit in, but then it became fun to scoop their golf balls out.

Jacob took over the camera for a few minutes and snapped some shots of my professional golf playing.
And my weird face making...
At one point Audrie decided to take over the score keeping. Great...

I was glad to have Jacob and Emma along to make things more fun! Audrie adores them (and so do I!).
Golf fist pump!
So, day two of our stay-cation was a success. This is another activity we will be adding to our list of "fun things to do with a toddler"!