Tuesday, April 05, 2011

staycation (last part)

Oh my goodness! So sorry I've been MIA from the blog world lately. SO crazy busy!! And I LUV blogging, so you know that if I haven't been on here updating our blog then something's not right. :)

Ok, so here are the last few pictures from our simple little 'staycation' two weeks ago. I took the girls to the Fayetteville library, cuz it's my favorite library in the world and I was meeting my mom there (who had my niece Kara with her). Kara is getting really good at reading in kindergarden, so she read Audrie and Annie a few books. So cute!

Audrie hasn't been to the Fayetteville library in about a year, but she totally remembered the computer lab there and asked about it as soon as we pulled in the parking lot! (She looks so grown up to me in this photo...)

Annie just loved chewing on the puzzles. (I've decided Annie is a billy goat. She will EAT anything, I swear. We could put some aluminum cans on her high chair for dinner and just let her gnaw away.)
That evening Jamie and I took the girls to the Jones Center in Springdale to go swimming in the indoor pool there. Overall it was really fun, but I think the term "heated pool"  was a little exaggerated. :)
It wasn't too crowded and they had two sections for big kids and littler kids.

I put a new swimsuit on Audrie that was super cute, but I didn't manage to snap a good photo. Mostly because I had to dress me and the girls by myself in the women's locker room and that was a three ring circus! Trying to get an overly excited toddler into her swimsuit, while putting on my own, and keeping Annie from running around chewing on random women's bare toes. It's a good thing I don't know enough Spanish to hear what those ladies were saying about me flailing around that locker room.
Jamie spent most of the time tossing Audrie around in the water. She loved it!
Annie and I didn't stay in too long, because she was getting the shivers. But Annie did love it, too. Makes me excited for our summer trip to Florida. My girls are definitely water babies.

So. That was our spring break this year. Not the week long cruises we used to take, but still pretty dang fun!