Tuesday, March 22, 2011

that girl

 Jamie's cousin (well I guess technically his second cousin), Kameron, came over this weekend to spend a couple days with us. Audrie had a blast with her and I think poor Kameron was wore out by the time she left this afternoon! She did a million things to entertain the girls all day and she also taught Audrie how to play hopscotch (which Audrie calls "hotjump").
 Kameron is such a sweet young lady and is a natural with babies. This morning I was up really early before work trying to balance Annie on one hip, make a bottle, finish getting ready, etc... and sweet little Kameron stuck her head out of the bedroom to ask if there was anything she could do to help me.
For some reason Audrie wouldn't call Kameron by her name and kept calling her "that girl". (I think Audrie was confused because she has a 2 year old friend named Camryn.)

Thank you, Kameron, for spending some time with us and our crazy girls. Come back anytime!