Sunday, March 20, 2011

afternoon in the park

I took the girls to the park Saturday morning to let them run around for awhile before lunch. (It always seems that from 10am to noon is the most challenging time of day for me with the girls because by 10am we've usually played every game, done art projects, and sang a billion songs...I start to run out of ideas about that time and nap time seems so far away!) So I put them in the car and drove to the closest park I could find.

I also wanted to practice with a camera that my friend Melanie let me borrow. I needed a second camera for a wedding I was shooting Saturday evening and Mel let me borrow her Canon Rebel XSi.  
 So these are all photos I took with her camera (thanks, Mel!).

 It was really windy that morning and Annie had a little trouble walking against the wind. :)
Audrie's hair was blowing everywhere.
 I do love her curls!
 Annie's hair has some curl when it's wet from a bath but so far it's not really long enough to make any predictions. I'm betting on curls, though! :)

Audrie climbed all over that playground (she's always been a climber).

Annie seems to possess the same trait... she climbed up these steps in a flash!
 And then (just like her sister) she turned around to make sure someone saw what she just did! :)
 This next photo was a little over exposed but I tried to save it anyways because I love Audrie's smile here.
 Oh Audrie. I think my life must have been really boring before she came along.
 We had a great time at the park! Although she did hurt my heart when she said "mommy, put down the camera and come PLAY with me!".
So I did!