Thursday, April 14, 2011

weekend road trip

 A couple weeks ago we loaded up the kiddos (and Donna) and made a quick trip to Kansas City. Jamie's aunt and uncle, Donnie and Wendy, live there so we stayed with them. Both girls did great in the car!
 We got to their house Friday night and the girls had a blast playing with their dog, Buddy!
 Annie was smitten with Wendy.
 The girls stayed up late playing with the dog while we caught up with Donnie and Wendy.
 Finally after everyone went to bed, I made Jamie take me to Cheesecake Factory for some late night dessert.

 Saturday morning we took the girls to the Kansas City Zoo. Audrie was super excited and Annie was sleepy. :)
 We had talked about it with Audrie all week so she was ready to see some animals!
 My favorite was the polar bear. He was SO cute.
 Audrie was enthralled, too.
 We've been this zoo a few times and always love it. They are doing construction right now, but in a month or so they are opening some new amazing exhibits.

 Annie had trouble shaking her nap but seemed to enjoy seeing all the sights.

 This sign seemed appropriate for our life...
 Audrie chased this poor sheep around for awhile.
 He finally gave in a let her pet him.

 Of course we spent some time on the train!

 Perfect time for Annie to grab a snack.
 And of course Audrie sang the entire time. That's what she does.
 Annie loved the train, too!
 I love carousels!
 Audrie practiced her princess wave...

 We rented a stroller for Annie, but you can see who took it over.
 Jamie's favorite was the elephants.

 We tried to let both girls ride in the stroller but Annie kept pulling Audrie's hair (way to go, Annie).

 Audrie totally didn't get this sign! :)

It was a fun day at the zoo!

I kind of slacked off the rest of the weekend and didn't take anymore photos. Jamie and Donna went to a hockey game to see cousin Trevor play Saturday night. Sunday we had breakfast with Donnie and Wendy before heading back to Arkansas.

Thanks, Donnie and Wendy, for letting us spend the weekend with you!