Sunday, April 10, 2011

beautiful day for a white wedding

 A couple of weekends ago I was privileged enough to take photos for a beautiful wedding. The bride is a sister of one of Jamie's coworkers and asked me earlier this year to do photos for her and of course I said yes!
 The ceremony was at The Chapel on the Creeks and although I've never been in there I had seen some photos from a wedding that Kim did there recently, so I was excited to be shooting there myself.
 I like this next photo because you can see the cute little flower girl peeking through the excitement...
 The room where the bride got ready was so wonderful with that huge mirror and sparkly chandelier.

 I love getting to be 'backstage' for all the sweet nervous bride moments. I often have trouble not crying myself. Especially at the moment when the groom first sees his bride! Gets me every time.
 The chapel is stunning, but I have to say that photographing with ALL that light pouring in those huge windows was a challenge.

 Gary and Tosha are such a sweet couple.

I feel like I should offer a discount for couples who are this photogenic! ha! Definitely makes my job a lot easier. :)

The reception was at Eddie Haskell's, but I'll have to share those photos later since I've already posted a ton here on just the wedding!

Photography is so fun! I'm so blessed to have a husband who supports all the 'spare time' I put into this hobby and a sister-in-law who gives me inspiration.