Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the little squirt

 As you may have heard... Annie chews on stuff. I really thought for a moment she was getting better, but I think it's back with a vengeance and I've totally given up. Pretty much if it won't poison or choke her, then I just let her chew on anything. Including the water hose...
 Somehow she makes being ornery look awful cute though.
 She loves her daddy (though she's still a big mommy's girl right now and I'm trying to cherish it because I know Jamie will steal her heart soon enough).
 At her one year well-baby check up the pediatrician said she was beautifully healthy and perfect, but he did call her a "long skinny chicken".
 Jamie and I never set out to give birth to "climbers", but my goodness Annie is taking after her sister's footsteps, literally. Annie runs and climbs faster than any 12 month old I've ever seen. Sometimes people are alarmed... 'oh my your baby is standing in that chair!!' But I'm all- oh she'll jump off in a second and do a back handspring into a summersault... it's all good.
 Annie still has her blankie dragging around behind her though. She loves that thing!
 We've been working on transitioning her to the pack-n-play with a crib mattress. Our plan is to have that set up in her room in NYC until she is big enough to sleep in the bottom bunk bed (with a safety crib rail added).

We have also been training her to catch mice in our NYC apartment...

Ha! Just kidding. This is a wind-up toy that our friend Kate got Annie for her birthday. Annie thinks it's pretty awesome. She likes it so much... she chews on it. :)