Friday, May 27, 2011

oh audrie

I am trying to cherish all the hilarious antics of Audrie these days on the off chance that she turns into a surly teenager soon. :)

Jamie and I were both somewhat shy as kids. Maybe not complete recluses but nowhere near the level of Audrie's outgoingness! This girl knows no stranger. She talks to anyone and everyone. Yesterday I took her into Walmart for a quick 5 minute trip to grab a few things. She told EVERY single person that we walked by all about how she was going to her Grandma Lowery's house to play. While we stood in line at the deli counter, she made a best friend in like 2 minutes with another toddler standing there. Audrie actually gave the girl a hug bye when we were walking away.

Last night when we pulled into our driveway, Audrie hopped out of the car and several of the neighbors (adults and kids) called out to her "Audrie, Audrie!" and she ran around to give them all hugs and say hi. I kind of expected the paparazzi to be following behind her! ha

I'm not sure where she gets all this personality or if she'll outgrow it- but we love watching her build her fan club! :) She's going to have to start a new branch in Manhattan.

Oh and here is a picture Audrie drew of me today! Wow. (Is that chin hair??)