Monday, May 23, 2011

annie's bday party

Sunday afternoon we had Annie's birthday party at the park. Can't believe she is ONE!

We were a little nervous about the weather but besides a little wind it ended up being perfect.

I made a cupcake display in honor of our little girl (and my friend, Carrie, made the adorable toppers!).

Audrie was really excited about Annie's birthday and talked about it all week. Of course she helped us sing Happy Birthday to Annie...

Annie did GREAT being the center of attention. She is such a good baby!

She wore the same tutu that Audrie wore at her first birthday party.

It was too windy to light her candle but Annie was still excited about diving into her cake.

Such a cutey!! (Thank you so much, Kim, for taking these photos for us.)

Audrie helped us open all the presents. There were about 45 people at the party, so lots of gifts for Annie to open! But Audrie had no problem ripping into them. :)

Kim got this adorable hat for Annie!

Our friend, Angela, got her this awesome framed vinyl record from the musical. I love it!

The pretty birthday girl...

After we opened presents we busted out a pianata for the kids. They all loved taking swings at it!

Even Annie took part in the fun!

But it was Emma who finally broke it open!

It was so nice having the party at the park with an awesome playground so all the kids could run and play.

It was such a fun afternoon celebrating with family and friends who love Annie so much!