Wednesday, May 04, 2011

a whole lotta easter

Ok I don't know how I ended up with fifty pictures from Easter, but you'll just have to skim through all these (unless you just happen to be super bored!).

A few days before Easter our friends, Trent and Candace, invited us over to let the girls decorate Easter Eggs. Audrie was so excited!
Candace had made some super adorable buckets of goodies for the girls.
Audrie was enthralled with the egg dyeing process.
Annie was trying hard to get a peek, too.
The girls decorated sugar cookies in the shape of bunnies.
But Audrie and Camryn were mostly interested in eating the icing.
Who, me??

Me and Annie (she still likes being in the sling sometimes... she was getting a little fussy since it was almost her bedtime).
Audrie dyeing more eggs...
Then the girls put stickers all over their eggs.
So fun! Thanks, Trent and Candace, for having us over!
On Saturday before Easter I took Audrie and Annie to a church near our house for an Easter Egg hunt. And let me say for the record that I sat Audrie down earlier that week and had a big talk with her all about why we celebrate Easter, how Jesus is still alive, and we celebrate His life. She nodded in all the right spots. Then at the end I mentioned that the Easter bunny would hide eggs and bring her candy. So a few minutes later Jamie walks in from work and all Audrie can talk about is the Easter Bunny and candy.
So she was pretty excited to sit in the Easter bunny's lap on Saturday.  Annie couldn't have cared less.
I did dress the girls in some fun stripes and polka dots.
My mom came along to help me (and to explain everything to Annie... doesn't she look like she's listening carefully here?)...

The church had the egg hunt inside due to the flood mess outside. Here is a sad sad moment here though... Audrie was PUMPED up about finding her some eggs. Last year she was a little hesitant about Easter eggs, but this year she was ready! So we get all lined up in the church and they announce that 6 years old and older get to go first. I had to break the news to Audrie and the look on her face crushed me. Her eyes welled up with tears and she whispered "what about me, mommy?".
It was heartbreaking but she did wait patiently and even let my mom attempt to get a photo of the three of us.
Finally they set up again for her age group and as soon as they said go- she tore off down that hall!

Annie did pretty good at finding eggs, too.
Of course, she put every single egg in her mouth.
Audrie was proud of her stash.
The girls sat down to examine their candy pile and I snapped some photos.

So fun! Thank you to my mom for helping me out! (Doesn't she look like she's carried a few babies on her hip?)
On Easter Sunday we drove to go to church with Jamie's family and have an Easter dinner with all of them. I made a big ol' yummy cheesecake.
Donna and Annie smiling for the camera. (I've gotten super lazy about not taking my real camera anywhere and just snapping with my phone. I've got to get better about that. Sorry these photos are fuzzy though.)
Kevin and Audrie.
Erin and Annie (I kind have figured out a sneaky way to get people's photo- is to hand them your kid and then be all "oh I need to snap a photo of the baby...")
Chalona and Annie.
Larry and Annie.
Jamie's family had tons of food and it was all so good!
Since Annie recently declared to the world that she is over pureed baby food, it's actually easier to just feed her everything we eat (in tiny chunks).

I had the girls in matching Easter dresses with bunnies embroidered on the front, but I couldn't capture a good photo of them in them.
Audrie did try to get Annie to look at the camera here.
They really were being so cute together.
Annie is getting better at 'holding her own' with Audrie and so they play together so much better now.
They do melt my heart sometimes. I feel so blessed to have two adorable daughters in my life!
Here is Audrie with her two cousins Jess and Dylan.

Me and the hubby looking a little glazed over from a huge dinner.
They hid some eggs for the kiddos to find and Audrie tore off again!
I had to put a sweater on Annie because it was a little chilly in the church.
Audrie did good finding eggs again and scored another huge stash of candy. Just what that girl needs...!
Then Annie decided to liven up the party a bit...
It was a fun day with all the family!

Happy Easter!