Friday, June 10, 2011

no more granny nanny

Yesterday was Donna's last day of 'work' here with the girls. Can't believe she has been our nanny for three years! (Of course she was so much MORE than a nanny.) It is so heartbreaking for us to leave her, but we plan to beg her to come visit us ALOT! I'm sure she will just love New York City...right?? ;)

Can you believe this picture of Audrie??

In between Donna's visits to us, we are going to have to do alot of Skyping so that Audrie can get her Grandma Cornett 'fix'. Audrie loves her so much.

I tried to get Annie to say Grandma the past few weeks, but she just couldn't quite get it out. We'll keep working on it though.

 These girls have sure been spoiled and loved by her! Can't wait until they are old enough to ship them off to Grandma Cornett's house for a week or two.

We love you, Donna!